Small Differences

Connor stepped off the ship and looked around with wide eyes. He took in everything around him with a glance. The dock workers were nothing to worry about. Most of the passengers were nothing more than tourists. He noted one that lingered behind a building, waiting for him.

The young woman selling flowers in the shade of a nearby shop wasn’t what she seemed to be either. He knew she wasn’t one of Keller’s. That made her an agent.

Connor stepped over to her and looked the flowers over. “It’s funny,” he said, drawing out of a bunch. “Two flowers might look so very alike and yet be so different.” He smiled brightly and handed her a few coins.

Blinking, she took the coins and nodded. “No two are ever quite the same,” she said. “Even when they came from the same plant.”

Nodding, Connor gave her a somewhat mocking salute. Then, he twirled the flower between his fingers and headed down the docks. If the Agency knew he wasn’t Ezra, they might leave him be. Then, he could take care of Keller’s operative without having to worry about their prying eyes.


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