Of force and friction

“See,” Chris said, looking at Ezra and then at the statue. “Part of the problem is that the floor is rough and that increased the friction, which means it needs more force to get it moving.”

“Right,” Ezra said. He shook his head. “So, then, how will you get it to move?” His brows furrowed as Chris held up what looked like a little plastic disc. “What’s that?”

“It’ll glide over the floor,” Chris said. “We’ll put one under each corner and then we’ll be able to slide it out into the gallery.”

“Good luck with getting the under each corner,” Ezra said, arching an eyebrow. “Might be easier if you just set up some kind of pulley system to drag it out into the other room.”

Chris smiled. “Trust me,” he said. “This is the easiest way. Just go into the gallery and figure out where you want it.”

A bit reluctantly, Ezra headed into the gallery. He could hear Devin and Chris grunting as they tried to tip the sculpture enough to slide the disc under a corner. He spun with wide eyes when he heard a solid thump on the floor. He didn’t like that sound – not at all!


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