Breathe Again

Maeve stared at the gallery’s front facade. She could only watch, stunned, as the workmen eased the sign down. Other workmen were carrying the packed up painting and stowing them in a truck.

Shaking herself, Maeve looked down at the letter she was clutching in her hands. Her love was… stifling? Tears welled in her eyes. Ezra – her darling little boy – had grown up and he’d done the very thing she’d feared he would do – although not in the way she’d ever thought.

She’d held onto him so tightly that… he’d slipped through her fingers. She let out an explosive sigh. She needed to find him and tell him how she felt. She had to go on without Allen. She had to go on without Connor. She couldn’t go on without Ezra.

He was out there, somewhere. She would find him. She had no idea what she would do then, only that she couldn’t breathe without him. Once she found him, she could breathe again. Once she saw Ezra again, she could live.


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