Take it, Shake it, Break it Down

Ezra sat down outside the little building. He had loved the little house from the first time he’d laid eyes on it. It was a perfect home for a growing family. The gingerbread frame looked like something out of a child’s story.

The time he’d lived there with Morgan, Loki and Missy had been happy days. He’d wanted them to go on forever. He knew that wasn’t possible, but he wanted it anyway. He looked up at the ruined house and sighed.

“We all made it out safely,” Morgan said, her voice soft. “That’s what’s important.”

“I know that,” Ezra said, his voice cracking. “I do! It’s just…” he trailed off and looked up at the house. Suddenly, in his mind, he saw a new house standing where the ruins of their old one had. He didn’t need a larger house, but the idea of designing a home of his own. “We’ll rebuild it,” he murmured.

Morgan took his hand and kissed his cheek. “That’s the spirit, love,” she said.


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