I want to know your plans

There was a spring in Ezra’s step as he left the office of the village elder. Whenever there was construction taking place, a permit had to be purchased from the elder’s office. In the case of a new building, the plans also had to be filed there. Now that he had the paperwork out of the way and the permit in hand, he could begin.


He turned at the sound of his name and smiled as Morgan bounced up to him. She took his arm and he set his hand on hers. “What is it, my dear?” he said.

Morgan smiled and nodded at the permit he was holding. “You still haven’t let me see what you intend to do with the house,” she said. She gave him a playful pout and said, “Couldn’t I have just a peek?”

Ezra chuckled. “I’ll show you what I intend over dinner,” he said. He hoped that Morgan would approve on the home he was imagining for them. He wasn’t quite sure how he would react if she weren’t pleased with the idea.


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