Why fuss over a pair of legs?

Ezra was almost afraid to look at the advertisement depicting his mother Will was crooning over. Whatever it showed obviously excited the man. “Need I remind you that the woman in that magazine is my mother?” he said in an exasperated tone.

Will sighed and showed him the advertisement. “But look at this, Ezra,” he said.

It showed his mother in a swimsuit. Her slender, bare legs were folded in front of her body and she smiled coyly at the camera. Ezra frowned; then sighed in relief. “Is that all?” he said, blinking. He shook his head. “Master Will, that’s a one piece suit. My mother used to were bikinis when I was a child and we went to the beach.”

“Got any pictures?” Will asked, his eyes brightening.

Ezra flushed. “Go soak your head,” he snapped. Then, he tried to focus on his work. He had reports to write up.


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