Dark Spells

Ezra turned to the next page of his family grimoire. For a moment, the words seemed to swim across the page. Then, as he concentrated, they became clear. His brows furrowed as he read the spell.

He’d wondered why one of his ancestors had created a spell that opened a portal to hell. He had to wonder why anyone would have crafted a curse such as the one he’d just discovered. If he touched the sign in the book, focused on a person’s death and said a single word two times, his target would die.

Not only that, the death would seem perfectly natural. There would be no connecting such a death to him. He shivered as a thought came to his mind. He could target Keller – anyone who threatened him, in fact. However, he could sense that the spell was a dark one.

No, no good could come from death. Even if no one could connect the crime to him, it was still a crime. There was never a reason to take the life of another person. There was never an excuse. There was always a choice. Shivering, Ezra turned the page. He still had to wonder, though, at the number of dark spells in the family grimoire.


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