How do you want to die?

Chris shivered as he watched the news broadcast. “That is a horrible way to die,” he said, giving Ezra a sidelong glance. His brows furrowed. “Can you imagine that? Knowing that you were dying and being helpless to stop it?”

“That’s how my father died,” Ezra said, his voice soft. “His aura just… shattered. It was agony for him and there wasn’t anything anyone could do to help him.”

Devin shook his head. “We never can tell how we’re going to go,” he said. “I think I wanna go in my sleep.”

Ezra shook his head. “Unless something catastrophic happens to me,” he said softly, “I’ll either die the way my father did or – or else my aura will dissolve. I’ll just… fall asleep and die.” He looked over at Devin and shrugged. “Neither prospect seems terribly inviting.”

“Then, how would you die?” Chris asked, frowning. “Supposing you could choose, I mean.”

For a moment, Ezra looked thoughtful. Then, he sighed. “In an instant,” he said. “I don’t want to know death is coming. I want to just be enjoying my life and then… enjoying the next life.”

Chris looked thoughtful for a moment. Then, he nodded. “I can see the appeal in that,” he said, his voice soft.


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