A Friend in Need

Ezra moved around to one side of the statue and then the other. His brows furrowed. His lips pursed. He stepped forward to place his hands against it. Then, he tried to push it towards the door.

Tried was the operative word. It didn’t budge. He squeezed his eyes closed and tried again. Still, it wouldn’t budge even an inch. He stepped back then, to stare at it in frustration.

Chris and Devin were in the other room. If he called them, they’d help him. He was certain of it. However, he hated imposing on his friends. He’d made the sculpture and it was his responsibility. He sighed and leaned on it again.

This time, it slid. It moved just enough to make an aweful scraping sound on the floor. Ezra bit his lip and continued pushing.

“Need help?” Chris said, from the doorway.

Ezra opened his eyes to see Chris staring at him, tilting his head to one side. He had a curious expression on his face. “No,” Ezra grated. “I’ve… got it.”

Chuckling, Chris said, “You’re going to hurt yourself, Ezra. Let us help you get that out here.” He peered out of the room and said, “Devin, come here and help Ezra get this sculpture out into the gallery.”

Devin smiled at Ezra. “You know where you want it, right?” he said, arching an eyebrow.

Ezra sighed and sat on the floor. “Yes,” he said, nodding.


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