That He Might Someday Be Of Some Renown

Ezra fussed with his announcements for that morning. His brows furrowed slightly as he realized that everyone, now, knew his name – his face. He’d always wanted to be well known. At one time, he’d thought that fame would come from his artwork. His problems with Keller had shattered that dream just as it was beginning.

In Shynia, he was well known as a member of the band, Velocity. However, they hadn’t released any of that music here yet. Here, he was a face seen on an almost daily basis – delivering announcements from the Shynian Embassy to the American people.

A faint smile touched his lips as he stepped up to the podium. He’d never wanted to be famous for something that placed him so fully in the limelight. He’d always thought that was too much like his mother. Now, he wondered if that was such a bad thing after all.