It’s a Very Bad Habit, But One I Find Hard to Break

Ezra’s gaze drifted over to the platters that Morgan had set out. He reached out and snatched one of the crackers. He munched on it contentedly for a moment. Then, he slipped a pepperoni off another platter.

“Ezra, are you snacking?” Morgan called. A moment later, she peered into the sitting room and smiled.

Ezra was sitting in the corner with a perfectly innocent look on his face. “Would I do that?” he asked, blinking. “The guests haven’t arrived yet and – and we’re meant to be sharing these treats with them.”

Morgan laughed and shook her head. “Don’t eat too much before they get here,” she said. Then, she headed back to the kitchen.

“Right,” Ezra said, as he snatched a piece of cheese off a platter. Whenever there was food in front of him, he couldn’t help but eat. It was a terrible habit and one from which he struggled to break himself.

He smiled and snatched an olive out of one of the bowls. Yes, bad habits were a burden. He popped it into his mouth. He chuckled to himself and glanced outside. Just where were they now? They should come soon. Right?