A Goal for Which to Strive

“What do you want in life, Ezra?” Chris said, his brows furrowing. He shook his head. “I’m curious because the things people normally work towards don’t seem to interest you. If you wanted power, you would have worked harder in Keller’s organization. If you wanted to get ahead in the Underground, you wouldn’t have turned on them.”

He looked intently at Ezra. “Love? You’ve got that. We all know how Morgan feels about you and, as much as you say you’re a coward, you put yourself in danger with nearly every decision you make. So, what drives you?”

Ezra frowned slightly. Why did he do these things? What was he working towards? “I… just want to understand,” he said, his voice soft. He blinked and looked up at Chris. Shrugging, he added, “I worked with Keller – followed his orders – because I had to, but I didn’t try to escape, even when I knew it was a bad situation because I couldn’t understand why he did such terrible things to people.”

He thought back to when he’d met Chris and smirked. “I turned, originally, because I needed to understand why the rules of the game suddenly changed,” he said. He adjusted his glasses, and said, “I continued for the same reason I’d always obeyed Keller: I didn’t see a choice.”

“And Morgan?”

He smiled. “That’s part of the reason why I love her, Chris,” he said, his voice soft. “Her, I can understand.”

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