or Even Long – Part 2

“The look on your face was priceless,” Nicco said, shaking his head. He chuckled softly and added, “The best part is: we have it all on film!”

“Yeah, yeah,” Trenton said, rolling his eyes. “Laugh while you can, but I will get my revenge.” He stopped when his cellular rang. “Hold on,” he said. He pulled out the cellular and looked at it. “It’s Ceinwyn.”

“Why would she be calling?” Holly asked, blinking.

Trenton shrugged and flipped the cellular opened. “Hello, Ceinwyn,” he said, “It’s Trenton. What can I do for you?” He paused and then his brows furrowed. At his suddenly serious expression, the group quieted.

“What is wrong?” Rowan asked, blinking.

“He wasn’t outside when we got there,” Trenton said. “We assumed you’d said he couldn’t join us and that he’d gone home.” There was another pause and he shook his head. “We’ll find him, Wyn. Just relax – or try not to panic, at least.”

He flipped the cellular closed and shoved it into his jacket. “She wanted to know if Connor had left yet. He was supposed to call, but he’d said he would probably leave at ten.”

“It’s after eleven,” Selyn said, scowling. “Connor wasn’t outside the studio. Where would he have gone?”

“He would have waited right there,” Leslie said, shaking her head. She looked at Trenton. “You think something happened to him?”

“Must have,” he said, standing. He looked at Gen and shrugged. “Duty calls, pay the tab and we’ll keep you posted as to what we find.”

“Sure,” Gen said. He laughed wryly and added, “Guess there are perks to having agents in the cast and crew. Good luck!”

Trenton nodded and then pulled out his cellular again. As he headed outside, the others followed. “Hey, Keene, sorry to wake you,” he said, as the call connected. “Connor’s missing, so…” he trailed off and then smiled. “Thanks, man.”

“We have permission from the Agency to begin searching,” Nicco said, looking up at him. When Trenton nodded, he sighed in relief. “I will go to his home, in case whoever abducted him calls. I will coordinate communications from there.”

“Sounds like a plan,” Trenton said, nodding. “The rest of us will go to the studio and see if there are any clues that we missed in the darkness.”

“It is darker now,” Rowan said, his ears twitching anxiously.

Trenton gave him a tight smile. “I know, but we’ll actually be looking now. Hopefully, that will make a difference.” He sighed and said, “We’ll take my car and ride over together.”

Once everyone had piled into the vehicle, Nicco waved and climbed into his own vehicle. They pulled out of the lot together, but Nicco headed south: towards Connor’s home. Trenton turned his car north: back towards the movie lot.

It seemed to take far longer than normal before they reached the movie lot. Getting in wasn’t a problem, since they all had passes. The only problem was light. It was late and the only light source was the lamp above the door of each studio.

“Maybe we can use the stage lights,” Holly suggested. She flushed when everyone turned to look at her. “Is that a stupid idea?”

“No,” Trenton said, smiling. “It’s brilliant, Holly. I’m surprised none of us thought of it first.” He nodded at Rowan. As the strongest member of the team, he had no problem getting several of the stage lights outside and set up.

Selyn knelt by the corner of the building and pointed. “Something was dragged around the side of the studio,” he said. He grimaced and added, “Or, I should probably say someone.”

Trenton nodded. He stepped around the building and pointed. There was a pile of cigarettes in the gravel near the building. “They waited here for him to come outside. When he did, they grabbed him and dragged him out of sight.”

“We would have heard them,” Leslie said, shaking her head. She sighed and added, “Or we should have, at least. You can’t walk on this gravel and not make a sound!”

“They stood right here,” Trenton said, pointing at the ground. “See how the footprints are deeper here? He – I’m assuming our kidnapper was a man – was holding Connor up off the ground. He waited until we’d left, then…” Trenton trailed off.

“This way,” Rowan said. His keener vision could see the tracks in the darkness. As Holly adjusted the angle of the nearest lights, they became visible to the others as well. “He had a vehicle parked behind the building.”

Trenton sighed. “Start taking impressions and photographing the scene,” he said. He looked sharply at Selyn and added, “See if you can do a stress test.”

“Got it,” Selyn replied.