Get Back in Context!

“I asked first,” Chris said, brushing off his clothing. He stood and then straightened his tie. “Besides, it’s classified.” It was strange to see Miriam standing on the deck of the airship. To say it was the last thing he’d expected would be an understatement.

All his life, people he knew from one aspect of life had seem determined to show up in unexpected places. It had started with Winnie. When he’d seen her with Ezra for the first time, he hadn’t known whether to laugh or cry.

Now, he was Miriam. She was a wizard – a reporter for Magic Weekly, or she had been last time they’d spoken. Yet, here she was: standing on the deck of a ship that the Agency had hired to extricate them. It was jarring, seeing her there.

“Seriously, Mir,” Chris said, shaking his head. “You… shouldn’t be here. It’s too strange.”

She snorted. “Imagine how I feel,” she grumbled. “This is the last place in the world that I’d ever imagine seeing you and in the most unlikely of circumstances.”

“She knows you but little,” Lyn said, his tone teasing.


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