I can’t unthink about you

Ezra lay back in his bed with his eyes closed, but he wasn’t sleeping. He couldn’t sleep, not now. His mind was whirling. He couldn’t seem to quiet it. He let out an explosive sigh and sat up, throwing off the blankets.

He paced across the room to stare out at the city. He’d come back after nearly five years, you’d think that the city would have changed. Yet, it was the same. So much of it was the same. The streets, the business, the weather – none of it had changed.

His mother… he’d seen her that day, for the first time in four years. His brows furrowed. She had changed. He couldn’t let go of that. He’d never imagined his leaving would affect her. However, it had.

When he’d seen her again, she’d hugged him. She’d told him… that she loved him – that she’d missed him. He shook his head. He’d never intended to hurt her. He’d honestly believed his departure wouldn’t bother her in the slightest. Now, he knew how wrong he was and he couldn’t stop thinking about the look on his mother’s face when he’d left.