Little bit of feel-good

Connor sat down at the bar and tapped the smooth wooden surface. “Bourbon, neat,” he said.

Nodding, the bartender turned away to get his drink order.

“Connor,” a soft voice said. He glanced over one shoulder as Chris sat beside him. “What was that called?”

“Leaving a dull speech before I died of boredom,” he said. He set down several coins for the bartender and sipped the bourbon. Then, he smiled at Chris. “I got a round of applause, you know?”

“Yeah, well,” Chris said, pointing at Connor’s drink and nodding at the bartender. He sighed. “It’s very hard to be angry at you when you’re the only one bold enough to do what we’ve all wanted to do since the beginning of this conference.”

Connor chuckled softly. “Really?” he said.

Chris shrugged. “We all get a little tired of people telling us how to do a job we’ve been performing for years when their only experience is reading reports,” he said. He sipped his own bourbon and said, “Bet it felt good.”

“Just a bit,” Connor admitted.