Silent Uprising

Allen watched the news with keen interest. Connor and Finian were sitting on the floor, playing. He’d done this for them. He knew that change would come too late to prevent them from losing Connor. However, he hoped that the change would open up opportunities for both of his sons that they might not have in the world they currently called home.

Maeve came in and sat beside him on the bed. “This your doing?” she asked, nodding at the news story. All over the city, quiet resistance was stirring. One by one, people were refusing to bow to the oppression under which they’d all lived for so long.

Giving her a wan smile, Allen shrugged. “Not mine alone,” he said. “I only played a small part, Maeve.”

Frowning, Maeve shook her head. “You need to take better care of yourself, Allen,” she said. “Your condition is so delicate right now.”

“I need to help anyway I can,” Allen countered shaking his head. He sighed and shook his head. “I’m trying to make a better world for our boys, Maeve.”

“What use is a better world if they lose their father in the process?” Maeve said. Then, she shook her head and headed back out of the room.

Allen looked down at Finian and Connor. Connor was sucking his thumb and Finian was scowling at them. “People who love each other can still disagree,” he said. “It doesn’t change the way they feel towards each other.”

Finian nodded and went back to his game. Connor stared a moment longer before doing the same.

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