No one takes your freedom

Gregory watched his former co-workers from afar. He watched them impartially, focusing on the work being done, rather than the people doing the work. It was safer that way. The moment he thought about who they were, Torsten and Ackerley would know where he was.

Part of him longed to be free, but he knew that it would be impossible the way things stood. He would wait and play the dutiful servant. He would do whatever Ackerley told him to do. Maybe, if he waited long enough, he’d get the chance he needed.

He pushed the thoughts away. Ackerley and Torsten had bound him with chains of magic, but they hadn’t taken away his freedom, not yet. They could only do that if he actually gave up hope. His gaze drifted to the strawberry blond in the group. He refused to think of her name. They would hear that. He would wait – for her, he could do that.