You gotta tip on the tightrope

Gregory knew it was a dangerous game he was playing. He didn’t doubt that Ackerley would know if he tried to get a message to his old comrades. However, at the same time, he couldn’t let them go on thinking of him as a traitor.

That’s what gave him the idea. He had no idea if it would work or not. However, he had to try. He took his chance when Ackerley had him capture Dr. Upvalley. While Ackerley was distracted by laying his curse, he slipped a note into the doctor’s pocket. He didn’t think about it and that was important. He needed to act without thinking. Ackerley could hear his thoughts, after all.

As they returned to Ackerley’s home Gregory’s thoughts were of his former apprentice – who they’d just fought. Was it possible he’d gotten even stronger in the last couple years? Somehow, that wouldn’t have surprised Gregory in the least.

“Gregory,” Ackerley said, his voice soft. “You realize, of course, that your former apprentice might have cost us dearly just now.”

Gregory sidestepped out of Ackerley’s reach. “Ya got yer curse was laid,” he said, shrugging. True, they hadn’t gotten the book, which was their secondary goal. “I’ll get the book when they’re distracted in cleaning up that mess the curse is sure ta cause.”

Ackerley frowned. “Very well,” he said, partially mollified. Then, he said, “Why the self-satisfied smirking, Gregory?”

“Why, Lord Ackerley,” Gregory said, giving him a mocking bow, “ain’t it the right of any master in the craft to take a little pride in their students’ progress?” He chuckled softly and slipped out of the room. Yes, it was a dangerous game, but, somehow, that made it all the more exciting to play.