Lyn had learned long ago to plan for nearly anything that could possibly happen on a mission. There were so many variables that were completely outside his control. If he took the time to consider what might happen and plan for it, at least he wouldn’t be left completely flatfooted if things started to go wrong.

However, he was coming to learn that Ezra was just one of those variables for which he could never plan. When this man was part of the mix, there was just no such thing as fool proof.

He stepped over to Ezra and offered his hand. “Were you cursed as a child?” he asked.

Ezra chuckled wryly and rubbed the back of his neck. He stood without help from Lyn. He’d learned not to trust that offered hand early on. “At least you didn’t ask me if I were dropped on my head,” he said. “Chris used to, you know.”

Lyn snorted. “I considered it, as I watched all my carefully laid plans go up in a puff of smoke,” he said. Then, he shook his head. “You’re no fool, you just have the devil’s luck.” That comment was meant with gales of laughter from the southerner. Lyn’s ears twitched. He failed to see the humor in this situation.