Two less grumpy people in the world

Keenan chewed his lip as the people behind him grumbled about everything from the food, to the seats, to the weather and anything else they could think about. When they started in on the uniforms worn by the flight attendants, he’d had enough.

He stood and looked at them over the top of his seat. “Stop your moaning and complaining or there will be two less grumpy people in this world,” he said. “Because I’ll end your miserable lives and we’ll all rejoice!”

He flopped down in his seat and gave Bertram a sidelong glance. “Yes,” he said, “I do feel better, thank you for asking.”

Bertram smiled. “Well,” he said, “as long as you feel better.” Then, chuckling softly, he went back to typing on his laptop. He hummed softly as he worked. Keenan didn’t know just how true his words were. The threat had done it’s work and, although he was certain the people he’d told off were silently fuming, there were two less grumpy people in the world.