The sciences sing a lullaby

Bertram didn’t like magic – he couldn’t wrap his mind around it. To him, the things Keenan did couldn’t happen. They simply weren’t possible. Seeing them happen, therefore, was jarring for him.

However, where magic unnerved him, science was comforting. It was logical. It made sense, provided you understood how to apply the science involved. He could pretend, as he watched Keenan work on his potion that the strange ingredients caused some sort of chemical reaction that Keenan understood, even if he didn’t.

“If I explain the spell I intend to use in scientific terms,” Keenan said, giving him a sidelong glance, “will you feel better?”

“Maybe?” Bertram said warily. He wasn’t about to make any promises where magic was involved. “At least… I’ll try to understand it.”

“Hey, as long as we can do this without you becoming a gibbering mass on the floor, I’ll be happy,” Keenan said, flashing him a sunny smile. Something about that smile always made Bertram nervous.


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