Heart’s Desire

Ezra paced back and forth as he waited for someone to come into the room. He couldn’t believe they’d brought him there and then just left him to stew like some common criminal. His hands clenched and unclenched in frustration. Where was Morgan? Where were Missy and Loki? What was going on?

When the door opened, he whirled to face it, his heart pounding in his chest. A familiar face appeared in the doorway. It was a face he hadn’t seen in four years, but one he’d never forget. “Master Starbright, what is the meaning of this? I haven’t done anything wrong!”

“I seem to remember you saying that the last time we had you in a room like this,” Chris said, as he stepped into the room. He sat down at the table and then looked up at Ezra. His lips pursed and he waved at the chair across from him.

“I will not sit down,” Ezra snapped. He pointed a finger at Chris and said, “You will let me go! You have no right to hold me.”

A frown touched Chris’s lips. “Where are the plates, Ezra?” he asked.

Ezra rolled his eyes and crossed his arms over his chest. “They safely stored where Keller can never find them,” he said. He shot Chris a glare. “Don’t think that just because I’ve been living in a quiet little village that I haven’t heard what’s been going on. I told you, Chris! I told you six years ago that Keller had people in the Agency!”

“You didn’t say who,” Chris said, his own eyes glinting with anger. “If you had, then maybe…”

Ezra interrupted him. “If I had known I would have said.” He sighed and began pacing again. “Why? Why does everyone insist on dragging me into these matters? Why can’t you and Keller and everyone else leave me alone?”

Tears welled in his eyes and cursed softly. He tugged off his glasses to wipe at his eyes. “I am sick to death of intrigue, Chris,” he breathed.

“Keller’s not going to let this go, Ezra,” Chris said, his voice soft. “If we found you, he can too.”

“Especially since he has ways of knowing everything the Agency does,” Ezra said. He laughed wryly and said, “Dear Lord, Chris! Why do you think Morgan and I just disappeared? Do you think we wanted to leave our friends and families behind? We didn’t have a choice.”


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