The very definition of cute

Devin tried not to run. As it was, he was moving briskly and probably much faster than would have been polite at such a function. He spotted Ezra and slipped through the crowd towards the southerner. “Ya gotta help me,” he breathed.

Ezra blinked. “And why is that?” he asked, his voice soft. He took a sip of his drink – which was probably bourbon, knowing him – and then his eyes widened.

“Devin!” a high voice called from behind him. “Why do you keep hiding on me, honey?”

Devin looked up at Ezra with pleading eyes. “Save me,” he hissed. The woman was driving him insane. More than that, she was not his type at all. Then, there were her looks.

“She’s kind of cute,” Ezra said. When Devin gave him a strange look, he smiled. “You know, the way those troll dolls are cute? She’s cute in that way.”

“You got a strange definition of cute, Ezra,” Devin breathed.


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