What you say and what you seem to say

“I don’t want to get involved,” Ezra said, rolling his eyes. “What part of that is so hard for y’all to understand? I just want to be left in peace! Is that too much to ask?”

Chris sighed. “If this were just up to me,” he said. He left the thought incomplete and shrugged. Then, he sighed. “Ezra, if we don’t stop Keller, it’s more than just you that will be placed in danger?”

Ezra dropped his gaze to his folded hands. “So, I could go back to Lyroron,” he said, his voice soft. He looked up at Chris and asked, “Would you stop me, if I tried?”

Shaking his head, Chris said, “No, but I’ll tell you this: if you don’t help us, there will be more cases like Isaac and Zachary, possibly many more.”

“That – that’s not fair, Chris,” Ezra murmured. He sighed and shook his head. “Keller wants to kill me! If he catches me, that’s exactly what he’ll do and – and you know it!”

Chris nodded once.

For a moment, they just stared at each other. Then, Ezra exhaled deeply. Rolling his eyes, he said, “Please, tell me that you at least have some kind of plan.” When Chris smiled, he said, “I am going to regret this.”


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