Marks left by tape

Matthew shook his head slightly as he cleaned the wounds on his brother’s arms. “What were you thinking?” he asked. The words might have been scolding, except that Matthew sounded more concerned than angry.

Andrew grimaced. “I… thought it was a chance to escape,” he said, his voice faint. His eyes closed and he sighed. “Now, I probably ruined any chance either of us might have had.”

Sighing, Matthew said, “You’ll be lucky if they don’t decide it’s just easier to kill you and have done with it.” Tears welled in his eyes, but he shook them away. “We’re all we have, Andy! You – you have to be more careful. I don’t want to lose you.”

“You’ve already lost so much,” Andrew whispered. He looked down at his arms and hissed between his teeth. The wounds were healing, but the bandages were leaving red patches wherever the tape touched his flesh.

Matthew fell quiet as he wrapped gauze around Andrew’s arm. “Don’t leave me, Andy,” he breathed. “If – if you see a chance again, please…” he trailed off and shivered.

Andrew nodded. He had physical wounds from his escape attempt and from the bandages necessary to treat them. How many wounds had Matthew suffered that left no physical marks?


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