Looking up

Matthew slipped through the corridors, rubbing at his neck. He was reaching a point where he was used to his life there. He wasn’t sure if that was a good thing or not. However, it made life easier to bear.

He only had one problem: he was shorter than everyone. That meant he was constantly looking up at everyone in order to meet their eyes. He sighed and rubbed at his neck again. It hurt all the time, or seemed to, because of constantly having to crane his neck. He tried to keep back from people, so that he wouldn’t have to tip his head back so much, but they all seemed intent on invading his personal space.

He released a soft sigh and then stopped. He gave Emrys a crooked smile. “You summoned me?” he said, his voice soft. Emrys beckoned to him and Matthew sighed. It seemed he wouldn’t be able to rest his aching neck any time soon.