All I Wanted

Andrew sighed softly. He felt as if everything he did to try to escape only succeeded in making his situation worse. He looked over as the sound of a boot scraping the stone floor echoed in the darkness. “Hello?” he called, blinking.

Tristan stepped into view. “Hello, Andrew,” he said, his voice soft. “I came to see if you were ready to concede defeat yet or if you were still going to resist me.”

For a moment, Andrew didn’t answer. He simply bowed his head and slumped against the wall. Then, he nodded. Without lifting his gaze, he said, “I… won’t resist you any further.”

“Good,” Tristan said. His boots scraped against the floor as he stepped into the cell. He unlocked the shackles on Andrew’s wrists and neck. Then, he drew the smaller man to his feet. “You’ll see,” Tristan murmured, “it isn’t so bad and, you’ll finally get to see your brother.”

Andrew swallowed thickly and lifted his head. Nodding, he said, “Yes… Master.” He wanted to be free, but he needed to see Matthew – to know he was all right.