As there is light

Matthew rolled over and smiled faintly. The sun was shining through the window of his room to fall on his face. He sighed softly and sat up. His recovery had been slow, but he was strong enough now that he thought he might be able to get out of bed.

He slipped off the bed and pulled on a robe as he padded over to a mirror. He settled his glasses on his face to get a good look at himself. He was pale and, clearly, still recovering. However, there was a light in his eyes. Emrys had commented a few days before how that light had been gone.

He heard the door open behind him and turned to face Emrys. He nodded his head politely, but he didn’t drop his gaze. “Master,” he said, his voice soft.

Emrys’s eyebrows rose towards his hairline. He stepped over to Matthew and caught his chin with one hand. As their eyes met, Emrys smiled. “There’s the light that first caught my attention,” he breathed. He kissed Matthew lightly on the cheek.

As he pulled away, he caught Matthew by the hand. “You’re well enough, I think,” he said. “You’ll remain in my quarters for now. When I decide you’re fully recovered, we’ll decide on a fitting punishment for what you’ve done.”

“Which I will gladly accept,” Matthew murmured. The words earned him a look between a glare and a smile. That light – that spark of tenacity had returned. If Matthew had anything to say about it, it would never be gone again.