Ezra tensed when he saw a familiar face flash across the view screen. He grabbed the remote control and turned up the volume. He was dead. Murdered, according to the reporter, under unknown circumstances that the Agency was investigating.

Cursing, Ezra slammed his fist into the wall. He regretted the action almost immediately, as pain radiated down his arm all the way to his elbow. Hissing between his teeth, he cradled the offended appendage to his chest.

“What’s wrong, love?” Morgan asked.

He blinked away his tears and turned around. “First Devin and – and now, Isaac,” he said. “Only difference is, they succeeded with Isaac.”

Morgan scowled and stepped over to him. “You’re sure this is the work of the Underground?” she asked.

Ezra bobbed his head firmly. “He was – he was the one that Keenan assigned to look into my claims that the Agency had been infiltrated,” he whispered. “Who else, except the Organization would have cause to kill him?”

“It’s not your fault, Ezra,” Morgan said, looking into his eyes.

Biting his lip, Ezra nodded. He wanted to believe her. However, he couldn’t quite convince himself of the truth in her words. After all, Isaac wouldn’t have been put into the position that ultimately led to his death, if Ezra hadn’t disappeared.

As Morgan took his hand and began examining it, he sighed. All he could think, at that moment, was that it was his fault. Devin had been hurt and Isaac had been killed because the Organization had been put onto them because of him. He shook his head resolutely. There had to be a way to see that such a thing never happened again. The question was: what could he do that wouldn’t reveal his hiding place?


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