A Promise Broken

The members of Team Alpha had already been over the with a fine-toothed comb. Nearly the entire floor was taped off, marking it as an active crime scene. The members of the team watched as the leader for Team Alpha arrived with a smaller man in tow.

Ezra was frowning. He looked around and sighed. Then, he turned to Chris, arching an eyebrow. What’s this, then?” he asked, his tone laconic.

“We know that she was taken from apartment and that brought her down the hall to this landing,” Chris said. “After that, we lose them.”

A slight scowl touched Ezra’s lips. He looked down the corridor and then down the steps. “Lose them?” he said, blinking.

Chris shrugged. “The tracks vanished,” he said. “We can’t find a trace of them with mundane forensics.”

Nodding, Ezra drew out a wand. He traced a sign in the air and then frowned. He turned to look down the corridor once more. He seemed to be watching something that only he can see. His brows furrowed and he moved slowly down the steps, as if in a trance. Chris followed silently behind him.

Chris stopped on the bottom steps as Ezra reached the window. As he watched, Ezra tilted his head and then opened the window. He leaned his head out the window to look downward at the alleyway.

For a moment, he was silent. Then, he turned back to Chris once more. There was a bit of tension in his voice as he said, “She was taken straight out this window,” Ezra said. “I suspect a car was waiting in the alley below.”

Brows furrowing, Chris said, “Do you know anyone in Keller’s organization capable of something like this?”

“No,” Ezra said quickly. He bit his lip and added, “He tends to recruit people with non-magical supernatural abilities – like Devin has.”

Chris nodded, but he was frowning slightly. They stared at each other for a moment, then, Chris turned away and headed down the steps. Ezra sighed and looked out the window. Then, he shuddered and hurried after Chris.


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