Little Surprises

Ezra chewed his lip thoughtfully as he was guided, rather forcefully, into the chambers of the man to whom he’d been apprenticed. He tensed slightly when the person who’d brought him there beat a hasty retreat. Was his master such a bad person?

“You,” a soft voice said.

Gasping, Ezra spun towards the speaker. It was impossible to say whether it was a man or a women. The hair was white, but something told Ezra that had nothing to do with old age. The features were smooth and even, but neither especially masculine, nor especially feminine. The robes disguised whatever figure might have been present. Even the voice was low enough to be a man’s, without being so low that it couldn’t belong to a woman.

“You’re a lovely one, aren’t you?” the magician said, smirking slightly. “I don’t think you’ll last long as my apprentice, boy.”

“See here,” Ezra started. Then, he felt a terrible sense of wrongness. Without giving it a second thought, he dropped to one knee. He felt the breeze as something he couldn’t see flew over his head. He looked at his master with wide eyes. She hadn’t even moved!

“Or, maybe not,” she said, her smirk becoming a faint smile.


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