the whole war

Keenan was looking intently at Ezra, his brows furrowed. He shook his head and leaned over to Chris. “Who’s is his father, d’you know?”

“Allen… Pemberton,” Chris said, blinking. He looked thoughtful for a moment and then nodded. “Yeah, I think that was his name. Why?”

A soft chuckle escaped Keenan’s lips and he nodded. “I thought so,” he said. He pointed over at Ezra, who was regarding Devin with a sidelong glance somewhere between an indulgent smirk and a scowl of disdain. “His father used to throw that same look at people. It’s a rather singular expression.”

Chris blinked and looked at Keenan. “You knew his father?” he said, his voice faint.

Keenan nodded. “He was the one who got me started in the Agency,” he said, his voice soft. “It was partly on account of Allen Pemberton that I freed my village from the Berklian forces.”

For a moment, Chris just stared at Keenan in shock. That single event had set off a chain reaction that spurred the rest of the nation to action. If not for that event – if not for Allen Pemberton – they might never have won free of the occupying forces. He looked back over at Ezra and said, “I wonder if he knows.”


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