her knight in dinky armor

Keenan frowned at the tabard. It was Shynia’s answer to armor. The material was enchanted to resist nearly any projectile and could block most blades. He looked over at Sera. “You look worried,” he said. His brows furrowed. “It’ll be fine, ya know?”

“I don’t,” she said. She shook her head and caught the front of his tabard. “This… this is your only protection and it seems so flimsy!”

He smiled wanly. “It’s stronger than it looks,” he said. He kissed her on the forehead and added, “Like you.”

Sera sighed and leaned against his chest. “Why must you go?” she asked, her voice faint. “You’re the Sovereign. Can’t you… send people?”

“What you just said, that’s why I have to go,” he said, wrapping his arms around her. He sighed and closed his eyes. “I’m the Sovereign. They need me. Besides, it wouldn’t be fair to send others into a situation and not put myself in their place.”

“Just come back to me,” Sera whispered.

Keenan kissed her on the mouth, then. Breaking the kiss, he stepped back. “Always,” he promised. Then, he spun on his heel and headed out. As he stepped outside, he flashed a smile at the girl that represented his lands. “Ya ready?”

“Always,” Ophelia said. Her tone was firm and confident. She never backed down from a fight. She was, in all ways, the perfect representation of her people.

It made Keenan wonder what Ephemera’s representation was like. Was Ephemera sweet and quiet and a worrier or was that just Sera? He shook the thought away. Now was not the time for curiosity.


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