Only a mighty sadness fills

Emrys had been thinking about Matthew for a while. He was content, he said. However, Emrys wanted him to be more than content. Emrys wanted him to be happy. He’d been trying to decide how he could do that. What could he do for Matthew that would allow the young man to be happy, without losing his own source of joy?

Now, as Matthew rubbed his shoulders, he was still considering the matter. He still hadn’t found the answer.

“You’re so quiet,” Matthew said, his voice soft.

Sighing, Emrys covered one of Matthew’s hands with his own. “I’m thinking,” he said, his voice soft. “You… want to go home. You can’t ever be happy here – not really.”

Matthew’s voice was barely audible as he said, “You… want for me to be happy?”

Emrys nodded. “But… I can’t let you go,” he admitted. He looked over his shoulder at Matthew and added, “If I did that, then I’d be the one that was unhappy.”


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