Matthew could tell what Emrys was planning. The moment he’d finally verbalized the matter that had been weighing so heavily on his thoughts, Matthew knew that things would come to a head.

He was sitting in their room, staring down at the courtyard, when it happened. It started off as a simple conversation between Emrys and his brother. Now, it was a heated argument. Their words floated up to Matthew’s ears and he frowned.

“You’re not thinking straight,” Tristan accused. “He’s nothing! And you’d give up all that you have here for him?”

Emrys stared at Tristan for a moment. Then, he shook his head and said something that Matthew couldn’t hear. Shoving Tristan out of the way, Emrys ran back inside their house. Matthew sighed and slipped out of the window seat. He knew what Emrys was planning. Part of him wanted it, but he was worried. Could Emrys be happy on Shynia?


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