if we cannot see

“Are you sure about this?” Matthew said. He cupped Emrys’s cheeks and looked into his eyes. Emrys just smiled at him. He seemed so confident. How could he be so self-assured about this?

Emrys took his hand and kissed them. “I’ve thought about this for a long time, Matthew,” he said, his voice soft. He shook his head. “I don’t see any other options. I know you can’t be truly happy separated from your brother. I know I can’t be truly happy separated from you…”

“But, what about your brother?” Matthew whispered.

Shaking his head, Emrys said, “I can be happy with merely writing to him – calling him. You’re so much closer to your brother than I am to Tristan.” A wistful smile touched his lips and he added, “Besides, I think Tristan needs his space now.”

Matthew chewed his lip for a moment. He blinked when Emrys touched his chin.

As their eyes met again, Emrys asked, “If we can’t see any other option, then, what else can we do?” He kissed Matthew on the cheek. “This is right, little bird. It’s right for both of us.”


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