everything it seems I like’s a little bit stronger

Keenan frowned at the large horse. “He’s lovely,” he said, his voice soft. He reached up to caress the beast’s nose.

“A gift for you, your highness,” the merchant said, bowing politely.

Smirking, Keenan shook his head. He knew what the merchant was thinking. If Keenan accepted this gift, he’d end up with a stable full of horses that he didn’t really need. “That’s very generous of you,” Keenan started.

He was saved from trying to find a polite reason to refuse the gift when the horse clamped its teeth on a stray lock of hair. He squawked and then stumbled when the horse just as quickly released him.

“Yeah, no,” Keenan said, smoothing his hair back into place. As the merchant stammered an apology, he whirled away in a flurry of fabric. Ignoring the horse entirely, he stalked away from the merchant. He gave Bertram a sidelong glance. “Not a word!”

“What is it with horses trying to eat your hair?” Bertram said, ignoring Keenan’s words. He chuckled and said, “Maybe they think your hair is straw?”

Keenan’s reply was not appropriate for a person of his gentle birth. Then again, he seldom spoke like a person of his gentle birth.


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