that stupid four-eyes

Keenan stifled laughter as he listened to Haruko grumble and gripe in the next room. He’d known when he created Matthew Sherwood as the new Field Director for the Agency that sparks would fly between the two men.

Earnest was a sweet guy, which meant that Haruko had walked all over him. Having Matthew as the buffer between them now was just what Keenan needed to keep the man in check.

Bertram’s brows twitched when Haruko’s complaints got loud enough that he heard them as well. He adjusted his glasses and looked at Keenan. “Does he have a problem with glasses?” he asked, bristling.

“Only on Matthew,” Keenan said. He chuckled and held up a finger. “Wait for it!”

“Director Haruko,” a soft, pleasant voice said from the other room. “I’ll thank you not to call me stupid when you think I can’t hear you.”

As Haruko growled, Keenan burst out laughing. “It’s past time Haruko had to deal with someone that would put him in his place,” he said, giving Bertram a malicious grin.

“While I agree,” Bertram said, hiding a smirk, “the cackle of glee was probably an uncalled for and inappropriate response.”

“As if I care,” Keenan replied, shaking his head.

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