Heaven’s Light

He finished ringing the bells and settled down on the window ledge to look outside. Far below, he could see people moving around, going about their lives.

His gaze drifted to the horizon. The sun was setting. It’s light cast the sky in shades of red and gold and violet. It was a beautiful side and a perfect view. He wished he could share it with someone.

A bird fluttered up in front of him. As he held out his hand, it landed lightly on his fingers. The birds in the tower all knew him. It opened its beak and he knew it was singing, but he couldn’t hear it.

He felt a light touch on his shoulder and looked back into the tower. He smiled at his caretaker. As she beckoned him inside, he sent the bird flying and bounced into the room. She waved at the little table where he took his meals and he sat down. It was time for supper, then he’d ring the bells one more time before he went to bed.

The tower was dim, as it always was. However, whenever his caretaker came to visit him, it seemed warmer and brighter somehow. He didn’t know how that was. Still, he welcomed it all the same.


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