Oops! Out of time!

Ezra watched the computer files transferring from the hard drive to the memory card. His brows furrowed and he glanced at his watch. He shook his head. He was supposed to meet Lyn downstairs in five minutes. Unless the files finished in the next four minutes, he would late.

He bit his lip as he watched the time left change between three minutes and ten minutes. “Come on, come on,” he grumbled. Finally, it seemed to hit a block of small files. Suddenly, the progress bar flew merrily to the end of the space and the time left dropped to less than a minute.

Ezra sighed in relief, as the transfer finished. He ejected the memory card and tucked it away. As he reached out to shut down the computer, he heard a car horn. “Oops,” he breathed. He clicked off the screen and bolted out of the room. At least he’d finished the transfer.


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