Everybody Loves Me

Connor enjoyed watching the actors accept their awards. It made him smile to see the people he knew – the people who had worked so hard to bring his vision to life – being honored in such a way.

His eyes widened faintly when the officiators began speaking about the writers, the people behind the stories that the actors, producers and directors worked so hard on. He had known that the writers were given awards as well, of course. However, he’d somehow gotten it into his head that the awards for the writers were given off the air.

He glanced over at the first nominee and clapped politely. The woman in question preened a bit at the praise. It was clear that she felt she, above all the others, deserved to win. The second and third nominees accepted the praise with polite nods.

Connor felt his cheeks warm when the spotlight fell on him. He was a writer because he preferred being in the background. He smiled faintly as he dropped his gaze. Only when they’d introduced the final nominee, did he lift his head.

“She deserves to win,” Connor murmured to his wife. She wrote for one of his favorite television dramas.

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