A random word about my crochet projects

So, I’m probably a little insane for even thinking it and I’m not sure how well it’ll work. At the same time… I’ve found a free pattern and I have more yarn than I could ever shake a stick at. I also have… who knows how many old umbrellas with perfectly good frames. What am I talking about?

In addition to all my other summer projects (see below), I’m going to try and make myself a parasol. I’ve always wanted one, but most of the ones I find are just… lace and they won’t really do much to protect me from the sun.

I found a pattern for a ripple blanket, worked in the round. I’m going to see, if I work it in a light weigh yarn (not thread… maybe a fingering yarn?), if I can make the fabric for a parasol out of it. I’m honestly not all that certain it will work. I’ve never done anything like this before. I’m going to have to alter it a bit, since it has 12 points and… my umbrella frames have just eight. If that seems not to be working, I also have a pattern with 8 points bookmarked. A straight round might be better and I’ve got a pattern one of those, just in case.

Where did I get this crazy idea? Well… honestly, I saw an image of a baby blanket online and my brain made it 3D and I thought, “Umbrella?” I can foresee some problems. Opening and closing the parasol might harm the fabric. I figure, the worst case scenario: I frog the project and use the yarn for something else or I have a blanket for the cats to sleep on.

My other summer projects? I’d like to make several amigarumi. My second platypus is well underway. If I keep at the pace I’m currently using, it will be finished by the weekend. I have a pattern for a doll slip that I will work after my platypus is completed. I’d also like to make a couple dolls (Matthew and Gilbert). Also, I have patterns for some flowers, a butterfly and a handful of other little animals I’d like to work. At the end of summer, I’ll be working a pattern for a watchband.

To spread the randomness… today is Pippin’s second birthday! ^_^


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