The lucky one?

Keenan frowned slightly as he looked through the window at the person in the bed. What was he supposed to say to this woman? She was lucky to be alive. It was something that she’d probably been told over and over since she woke up.

However, as Keenan looked at her, he put himself in her place. The other members of her team had all been killed in the attack that left her in this state. The healers were saying she’d never walk again. He wouldn’t feel very lucky, if he were in her place. He’d be wondering if his team hadn’t been luckier. There would also be the guilt she’d be feeling because she was alive.

What could he say? He’d just have to say what he thought he’d like to hear if he was in her position. Straightening, Keenan stepped to the door. He took a steadying breath and then stepped inside. “Hello,” he said, when she met his gaze. He tilted his head to one side. “May I have a seat?”

“Yes, you highness,” she said, her voice faint.


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