To be a discoverer you hold close whatever you find

Teagan frowned and looked around for his apprentice. He’d finished his morning chores, but where was he now? Sighing, he headed out to the front step. The boy was crouching on the ground. He held something between his hands and he kept peering at it between his thumbs.

“What have you got there, Keenan?” Teagan asked, looking intently at his young apprentice.

Keenan looked up at him, his dark eyes sparkling with excitement. “I dunno,” he said, shaking his head. After standing a bit awkwardly, he scampered across the yard to his master’s side. He opened his hands and then gasped as whatever he’d been holding flew upward.

Teagan’s eyes widened as the little sprite glided upward, towards the sky. He’d never seen a sprite quite like that before. He looked at his apprentice. “How’d you catch her?” he asked, tilting his head inquiringly.

Shrugging, Keenan scuffed his foot against the turf. “Just did,” he said, cupping his hands over the air. He looked up at Teagan and then bounced. “What was she master?”

“A sprite,” Teagan said. He ruffled Keenan’s hair and said, “Should you catch another, bring it to me straightaway.”

“Yes, sir,” Keenan said, nodding.

Smiling, Teagan tugged on one of the dark locks and added, “Lunchtime, my boy. Go and wash those hands.” He watched as Keenan scampered inside to obey his words. He’d had many apprentices but none was ever the same. Keenan, of all of them, had ways of surprising him the most.