Waiting In Darkness, Part 1

Connor watched with wide eyes as the title page scrolled onto the screen. “A Woman Scorned,” it read, in typeface that looked like it dripped blood. Then, there were images of a wedding photograph, which panned out to show the couple arguing.

As the woman threw a vase at the man, a voice said, “After seven years of marriage it had become a love-hate relationship.” The man fled the scene with the slamming of a door.

The next scene showed the woman coming down the hallway of a hotel. She pushed open a door and looked shocked. The camera panned around to show the man in bed with another woman. “When he cheated on her, she found the hate impossible to control,” the voice said, with suitably ominous tones.

Then, there were gunshots and the screen was splattered with blood. As the room went dark and then the lights were turned on, Connor looked over at Thomas and Gen. “So?” he said, grinning. “What do you think?”

“Your giddy excitement is a strange reaction to what we’ve just seen,” Thomas said, his expression faintly worried. A smile touched his lips and he nodded. “With a few changes – the title is a bit cliché, for example, I think it’s definitely something we’d be interested in.”

“I don’t know how you come up with these things, man,” Gen said, with his usual enthusiasm. “It’s great!”

Connor smiled and then turned a bit more serious to nod at Thomas. “I hear you about the changes,” he said. “This – this is a bit raw right now. Did you want me to come up with a new treatment for it or – or should we discuss the changes you want first?”

“What about this,” Thomas said, leaning on the table, “let me read over the script and I’ll see what comes to mind for things like the title. Then, you can come up with another treatment based on my suggestions – what you like of them, of course.”

“Of course,” Connor said, nodding.

Thomas smiled and said, “Then, we’ll show your new treatment to a test audience and see what they think of it.”

“All right,” Connor said. As Thomas moved to stand, he got to his feet. He shook Thomas’s hand and then Gen’s. “I’ll see you both soon, then.”

“Absolutely,” Gen agreed.

Thomas inclined his head. “Try to have the script to me in the next couple days,” he said. “I’d like plenty of time to look it over. Then, we can meet again next week at my office?”

“Yes, sir,” Connor said. He smiled and hugged his notebooks to his chest. “I’ll have a courier bring it to your office by the end of the day.” Then, he bowed politely and slipped out of the room.

As soon as the door closed, he let out a triumphant laugh and then headed down the corridor towards the elevators. It took great effort not to scamper with his excitement. This would be his first major motion picture! He couldn’t wait to get home and tell Ceinwyn the good news.


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