Waiting In Darkness, Part 2

When Connor stepped outside, the city was as dark as night. His brows furrowed and he looked at his watch. It was only twenty minutes to eleven. “Why is it so dark?” he murmured.

Shaking his head, Connor started down the street towards the lot where he’d parked earlier that morning. His frown deepened when he noticed that the attendant wasn’t in the booth. He knew the lot wasn’t attended at night, but it was the middle of the day – in spite of how dark it was.

Connor quickened his pace a bit. This was one of those times when he hated being an Ezura. When it was so unnaturally dark, his imagination went wild. He shivered as he got the feeling of someone watching him.

He heard a scuff of a shoe on the pavement and whirled, suppressing a startled gasp. In the shadows, he saw a hint of movement. Someone was crouching there, waiting for something.

“Come out of there, you,” he said, his voice carrying more strength than he would have thought possible.

Eyes seemed to glint at him from the gloom. Then, a form stepped out. He was taller than Connor, with silvery hair. His eyes were shaded by a top hat that was decorated with flowers and lace. He nodded to Connor politely. “Sorry if I gave ya a fright,” he said, his voice soft and lilting.

“It’s fine,” Connor lied. The accent was similar to Ezra’s accent, but there were differences too. The man wasn’t from Shynia. He might be from one of the other Kenzean isles, though.

As the man started to walk away, Connor stared after him. He was tempted to call out to the man – ask if he knew why it was so dark in the middle of the day. However, he couldn’t seem to speak a single word.

“Ya might jus’ wanna get yerself home,” the stranger called back to him. He glanced back over his shadow and added, “Strange things walk in the shadows, don’t ya know.”

Connor squeaked and whirled away. He ran to his car and unlocked the door. Once he was inside the vehicle, he locked the doors and turned on the engine. Then, he took a steadying breath.

“I’m safe,” he told himself. “There’s nothing to be frightened of. It’s just the dark.” He nearly jumped out of his skin when his cellular ran.

Trembling, he pulled it out and flipped it open. “H-hello?” he said, blinking. He flushed as he felt moisture fall on his hand. Wiping at his eyes, he said, “Pemberton, here.”

“Connie, are you all right?” It was Chris – his team leader.

Connor took a steadying breath and nodded. “I’m fine,” he said. “I just… I really don’t like the dark and I saw this really creepy guy and… I’m kind of shaken. What’s going on?”

“Get here as soon as you can,” Chris said. “Marken thinks this is some sort of spell. There’s been attacks all over the city.”

“Attacks? By what?”

“Just get here, Connor,” Chris said. From his tone, Connor could tell he was hiding something. He was probably trying not to scare Connor any more than he already was.

Connor sighed. He wasn’t about to argue that idea at this point. “I’m on my way,” he said. He hung up the telephone and threw the car into drive. For once, he didn’t bother turning on the radio. He simply drove towards the Agency towers.

As he drove, he noticed that there were very few people out and about. Buildings were lit up, so the businesses were opened, as they should have been in the middle of the day. However, no one seemed to be moving at all. He frowned when he saw a warden waving at him from the center of one intersection.

He stopped and rolled down his window. “What seems to be the problem, officer?” he said, blinking.

“There’s a citywide lockdown, sir,” the warden said. “Only people on official business are allowed to travel.”

“I need to go to the Agency tower,” Connor said, nodding. He drew his badge out of his jacket pocket and held it up for the warden to see.

The warden nodded and waved him through. “Park in the garage, sir,” he called, as Connor rolled the window shut.

Connor sighed. Whatever was going on, he didn’t care for it. Not one bit.


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