This wind in a box.

Simon stepped outside. A slight frown touched his features as the wind swirled around him, ruffling his clothing. Laura was wearing a short skirt today. She wouldn’t appreciate this wind. It would flip her skirt and embarrass her.

Laura was a quiet, shy girl. More than that, she was his friend. She didn’t seem to care how different he was. All she cared about was that he was kind to her.

Closing his eyes, Simon opened the little locket that was hanging off his keys. He held it up, above his head. The swirling wind was drawn into the locket, like water down the drain. When the air was still and peaceful, Simon lowered his arm.

He turned around when the door squeaked behind him. Catching it, he held it for Laura as she stepped outside. “Have a nice day,” he said, his voice soft.

“You too,” she said. She adjusted her glasses and then hurried down the steps to where the bus would pick her up. She paused at the base of the stairs to wave at him over her shoulder.

Nodding, Simon waved back at her. He stood there, waiting and watching. Once Laura was safely on the bus, he opened the locket. The wind escaped immediately. The gust he’d released swirled and danced down the street, chasing leaves on its way.

A faint smile touched Simon’s lips and he tucked the key chain into his coat pocket. Then, he turned away and headed off down the street, towards his little apartment.