Lighting a Fire

“Well,” Keenan said, as he strode into the main lodge. He flopped down in an overstuffed chair and smiled. “I’ve done all I can. The rest is up to them.”

Tiana glanced over at him, a faint smile playing at her lips. “Orienteering?” she said. A soft chuckle escaped her. “Do you think they realize that the orienteering is meant to give them an opportunity to check out what we wanted them to investigate?”

“Most did,” Keenan said, nodding.

Bertram paused in poking the weak flames in the fireplace. Glancing at Tiana, he said, “Don’t think we want the ones that didn’t figure it out.” Turning back to his work, he asked, “Are there any that we’ll have to light a fire under?”

“I did all the fire lighting that needs doing,” Keenan said. He snapped his fingers and the flames that Bertram was trying to coax to life flared up. Keenan gave his friend an innocent smile. “I’m good with lighting fires.”

Glaring, Bertram adjusted his glasses and set the poker to one side. “You might have warned me,” he groused. In truth, though, he wouldn’t have liked Keenan’s way of warning him any more than he had the way Keenan lit the fire.