Advantageous Adaptations

Bertram sidled up to Keenan and said, “You seem tense. What’s wrong?”

Tiana shot him a confused frown. Keenan was grinning from ear to ear. He’s just been laughing and joking with the campers. How did he seem tense?

Keenan’s smile didn’t falter. He simply shrugged and said, “Might be they found me. Might be they haven’t.”

“We’ll call Trenton in for backup,” Bertram said, nodding.

As he slipped away, Tiana said, “How did he know you were worried?” Was there some clue that she’d missed? Keenan had seemed fine – still did, in fact.

“He can hear by racing heart and increased respiration,” Keenan said, adjusting his glasses. He shrugged. “Guess having hearing that would make bats jealous has its advantages.”

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